What it's Like to be a Twin

Class Work

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a twin? This inside look will answer those many questions and give a personal account of what life is really like for these human clones.

WLMP: Lead, Change, Inspire, Empower

Class Work

The Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program seeks to attract, retain and empower women students so they can achieve leadership roles both at RMU and in their lives after graduation. Each cohort member is partnered with an upper-class peer mentor and a faculty/staff mentor to assist with all university needs.

San Francisco Full House Parody

Self Directed

This parody of the Full House Intro sequence takes you from the Golden Gate Bridge to the actual Full House house used in the filming of the hit 90's television show. I hope you enjoy our attempt at recreating the scenes and sparking your nostalgic memories!

Deathly Delusion

Class Work

This project was meant to focus on the aspect of lighting. The idea was to create a "dream like" state through the use of interesting sound and lighting. Most of the sounds do not make sense with the actions in order to enhance the sense of confusion and unpredictable outcomes of a dream.

Dick's Head Coach

Client Work

This video was created for a team working at Dick's Sporting Goods. They were to make a video promoting their new "Head Coach" program. The program is a list of steps that managers should follow in order to keep the store running smoothly. The team recorded the video and I handled video and sound editing.

Big Brothers Big Sisters PSA

Client Work

In life, everyone needs a mentor to look up to. Big Brothers Big Sisters addresses this need in a huge way, by giving hope and leadership to children who have none. This public service announcement promotes their life changing organization by outlining how to get involved in the greater Pittsburgh area through bbbspgh.org.

Life of Pie

Class Work

Stop motion was the sole strategy in the completion of this video. I took pictures of the process of making an apple pie and added some fun elements along the way. This home-style video is sure to remind you of family and is as American as apple pie.

The Pursuit

Class Work

The Pursuit is a spin off of a classic chase scene. A gentleman falls hopelessly in love with a girl he barely knows. He creepily presents various romantic gestures which lead to his ultimate heartbreak.

Welcome to RMU!

Class Work

Have you ever wanted a personal tour of college without actually going through all of the effort of a physical visit? This video helps solve that problem! "Welcome to RMU!" gives you all of the information you need to know about Robert Morris University, and you never have to leave your computer to see the whole campus.

The Old Coaching Tale

Class Work

This video plays with monologue style. A somewhat delusional grandfather tells his grandson a story from the past. The grandson thinks the story is about how he received his fancy championship ring. The grandfather's fabricated tale reveals his ring was received in another way.

Cheezo'z Bar and Grill Ad

Class Work

Cheezo's bar and grill is our made up grilled cheese bar. This bar has only real cheese and is the best bar and grill in Pittsburgh.

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